Why Upgrade your current double glazing?

  • Our double glazing is at least 60 % more efficient than old double glazing.
  • We use the very latest technology in manufacturing our own units.
  • Yes we manufacture our own units in house and that is why we stand over our quality and service.
  • Only established glass companies have the ability to manufacture Low-e double and triple glazed units.

In fact we insist upon it!

Change the Pane - Keep the Frame will allow energy conscious consumers to change their glazing to the most energy efficient unit available.

  • No need to call in decorators to make repairs after we have upgraded you.
  • Costs significantly less than a complete window replacement
  • Will save you money on heating bills
  • Will help reduce cold spots
  • Virtually eliminate internal condensation

We also have options such as adding or removing Georgian, Sound proofing, Stained glass options and much much more.

All our units are certified and tested to the highest standards.(EN1279)

When purchasing double and triple glazing units from us we will show a copy of our European Standard 1279 certification.

It really is the glass that makes the difference and we guarantee the most energy efficient unit available for your existing windows.

Pilkington K Glass™ S

Pilkington K Glass™ S is the latest low e product from Pilkington Glass and Wexford Viking Glass is the first company in Ireland to manufacture its double and triple glazed units using the very latest in energy efficient glass.

For more information please contact us or visit this Pilkington Glass link