Pilkington Spacia Glass

Using advanced Pilkington Spacia™ technology, this is the world’s first commercially-available vacuum glazing. It allows the manufacture of extremely thin glazing which can be fitted in old style fine frames, maintaining the original appearance of older traditional buildings.

A Double Glazed Unit That Is Only 6.5mm Thick And A Centre Pane U-Value Of 1.4(Ug W/m2K)

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Pilkington energiKareTM Legacy provides a similar level of energy efficiency as modern double glazing, but in a unit that is typically only a quarter of the thickness. This brings a new level of thermal performance to older buildings, and opportunities for slim glazing in new buildings.

  • The thermal performance of modern double glazing in the same thickness as single glass, offering the opportunity to improve energy efficiency in older traditional buildings.
  • A cost effective method of improving the energy efficiency of older homes where glazing choice is restricted or where the original frames are a desirable feature.
  • Pilkington provide an extended warranty to your installer. Ask your installer for maintenance guidelines.
  • Four times better thermal insulation than single glazing, meaning lower heating bills.
  • Suitable as a replacement for single-glazing in original frames, to retain the appearance of older traditional buildings and meet the requirements of conservation areas.
  • Suitable for other applications where use of thinner, low weight glazing is desirable, such as sliding box sashes.
  • Greater comfort, as cold spots close to the window are reduced.
  • Offers good acoustic performance for lower interior noise levels.
  • A range of non-rectangular shapes, for flexibility with original frames.
  • Proven solution; successfully used in Japan for over a decade.
  • Offers reduced levels of internal condensation compared to single glazing.
Legacy Legacy